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Deidre TrudeauDeidre Trudeau is a longstanding brand design, graphics and marketing strategist expertly focused on how to visually entice and attract target audiences. She bridges marketing communication until ‘prospect to client’ conversion is complete and beyond. Deidre is also an award winning professional fine artist and is truly ‘creative to the core’ from the visual arena to developing creative, comprehensive and results driven brand campaigns. She co-founded ezeeye IMAGING and in 2005, a Roseville California based company that Powers the Evolution of SUCCESS with Intelligent Creativity. She is a spirited entreprnuer and award winning graphic design and brand specialist, who has created campaigns for companies all over the US and whos services and expertise, range from traditional collateral to all visual and digital media such as social, web, apps and mobile marketing design and technology. Deidre is also the creator of ‘’, ‘Mergence; Where Business and Arts Collide’, ‘’ and ‘Creative to the Core’; VP, marketing director and campaign coordinator for ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’.

She arrived in California in 1990 with her daughter Shayn after living first in her native city, Holyoke in western Massachusetts and later on Cape Cod, Mass for 6 years. After 27 years in the north eastern part of the US and many years as a freelance artist and art director of several companies she realized she could live and create from anywhere as long as it had a coastline. Deidre’s company supports and donates a tremendous amount of time to the rich development of their community as well as many diverse causes, multiple merchant associations and chambers of commerce, has helped build several art and women’s organizations and has participated on the boards of many local and regional agencies. She is very aware and consciences of her environment and sustainability on a local and global level. And is ultimately dedicated to inspiring success through encouraging people to tap into and honor their deepest place of vision, creativity and purpose! Deidre invites you contact her at 916-803-2787 (ARTS), email to and to find her on Facebook and Twitter @ezeeyeImaging, visit and to JOIN the Social CONVERSATION!

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  1. This is one of the unique books that goes on top of my stack of “refer back to” books. It strikes a brilliant balance between the practical and the uplifting spiritual. I love the way it exemplifies the spirit of co-creation and collaboration that those 10 powerful women are talking about. It is as if they complete each other’s thoughts. I will be recommending this book to every man I know.

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